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The ultimate 1 on 1 consulting. Learn how I subdivide properties and resale them for profits. You will get everything you need to be able to do it time and time again. 


  • Learn the exact strategy I've used to generate millions of dollars of profit. 
  • See exaclty what deals make the perfect splits for resale.
  • Learn about all the required documents and process to do the split.
  • Get all of my local Colorado vendors and trades that I use to get the process done.
  • Hold your hand for your first deal - completely walk you through the process step by step to the finish line.
  • Access to my deal analyzer that helps me run repairs and analyze deals in less than 5 minutes.
  • Access to my HOT LIST of areas that are prime for this strategy. 
  • 1 on 1 time to answer any of your questions. 


The choice is simple pay a lawyer thousands after buying a property with no gurantee it can be split.  Or pay the price and learn exaclty how to do it so you can be in the drivers seat. 


Upon payment you will recieve a phone call with further details on getting started. 


You may contact my office to learn more at 303-883-3833 or 

Subdivide - Duplex Split Consulting

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