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Buying Strategic Properties to Produce Quick Profits 

The strategy from a macro scale is very straight forward. Purchase strategic properties based on current and future market conditions that can be modified and resold to produce a profit. Of course theres more that goes into it than just that. Its really 3 separate businesses all orchestrated in a timely manner.

Real Estate Business

Buying/selling/transacting the deal

Construction Business

Managing subs and contractors

Deal Analysis and Risk Mitigation Business 

Running numbers determining risk and profit

It may sound simple but finding deals in a highly competitive market, organizing construction crews, picking project designs, and completing renovations in a tight timeline is really a big job. 

Luckily having a vast knowledge in construction and real estate Sean is able to help mitigate many factors of the process and has a track record that speaks for itself. Over $500,000 in profits in the past 24 months. Check out some of the finished projects that Sean has recently completed. 

Recent Finished Projects 



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