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Things to Know About Moving to Denver, Colorado

Things to Know About Moving to Denver, Colorado:

Moving to Denver
Denver, Skyline

It’s a poorly kept secret that moving to Denver is now quite popular which makes Colorado one of the fastest growing states in the United States. This is because the city of Denver is packed in all areas in its offerings and benefits to new residents. Those relocating to Denver have come to appreciate the new lease of life that the strong economy and income growth and sports history offer.

If you are considering relocation to Denver, here are some things that you should be thinking about.

Colorado uses a flat income tax system

Moving to Denver offers a lot of financial incentives for new residents in form of its low income tax rate of 4.63%. This is a mid-range figure which is just average compared to other states in the United States. Sales taxes are also average as well as property taxes which means you are able to save more compared to other states.

Denver’s weather is amazing!

One of the best reasons to consider relocating to Denver is the weather which gives around 300 days of sun every year. There’s also around 50 inches of snow every year too but it doesn’t persist for too long. The Spring season is excellent, colorful and mild, summer time is also hot but not clammy. There aren’t enough rainy days to keep you indoors.

Denver’s food scene is eclectic

One of Colorado’s best kept secrets is the awesomeness of Denver’s food scene. Based on the diversity of flavors, moving to Denver is a great idea for any foodie. Denver has some of the best Mexican food in America. The Vietnamese and Ethiopian restaurants are also unmatched. Steak lovers can also enjoy a great selection of barbecues and grill houses plus a cut of beef named the “Denver steak.”

The real estate market is quite aggressive

Moving to Denver is affordable when you compare it to other American metropolitan cities like New York City. However, you should know that rent and buying a house are still pricey and more than 30% higher than the national average costs. Before relocating to Denver, you should be sure that you can spend within your capacity on rent which is around 30% of your monthly paycheck. If you’re considering buying or renting before moving to Denver, allow plenty of time to search for something within budget. Preferably, make use of realtor who is familiar with the terrain and will help protect your rights as a buyer or renter.

Base income is higher in Denver

Because many of the biggest corporations in the country have offices and headquarters in Denver, you may end up getting more income for the same job in Denver. There’s lots of competition for good jobs in Denver but relocating to Denver gives you the opportunity to earn a higher base salary compared to what you earn for the same job elsewhere. Because the standard of living in Denver is also more affordable, you may be able to save even more than before.

Denver, Colorado remains a great choice if you are looking to relocate soon. Speak to a real estate agent today for more information and you will find out more reasons why moving to Denver is perfect for you.

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