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Relocating To Denver

Relocating To Denver
Denver, CO skyline at sunset

It's true: Moving out is hard, it's doubly hard letting go especially if you've settled in 10 years or so already in the place you called home, your sanctuary, your refuge. Not to mention people close to you that you'll now leave behind - your good old and trusted friends, friendly neighbors, and of course your loving family. But life has to move on. But it's not the end of the world either. It's a whole new one for your family actually, as you're relocating, and a whole new chapter in your lives will start anew. Allow the excitement of relocating to sink in, as you move to the "Mile High City" Denver.

Here are some reasons why you would start appreciating your move (and eventually stay) in Denver:

The 300 days a year of sunshine you'll experience in the city. And when it's sunny all year long, it only means that people like the outdoors and there are lots of fun things to do and places to go to.

The architectural homes and historic neighborhoods. You could have already chosen one among the many Denver homes for sale and have noticed how diverse and elegant in style they are. Capitol Hill is one example, where there are parks, entertainment centers and retail stores. Denver real estate is amassed with Victorian homes, the first ones built during the late 1800s. The government prohibited the construction of wooden houses after a dreadful fire in 1863 paving the way for brick or stone houses like the Victorians.

The Colorado Rocky Mountains. Others may have the benefit and luxury of breathtaking views of the ocean, the Denver real estate, on the other hand, has the thrilling mountains. You could go adventurous and do skiing or hiking. You could also go fishing, hunting, or just simply relax in a mountain cottage.

The ever-popular and competitive sports teams. Denver has eight professional sports teams including the NBA's Denver Nuggets, Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, NHL's Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rapids, and MLB's Colorado Rockies.

The most difficult part about relocating is making a choice of where to live plus the best neighborhood to live in.

With a vast selection of neighborhoods to live in the Denver area, determining the best fit for you may be difficult. But fear not, because the neighborhoods in Denver have a little something for everyone. Downtown, LoHi, Highland, LoDo and Cherry Creek all make up the unique mixture of neighborhoods Denver has to offer. One of the most well-known neighborhoods in Denver is the Downtown or LoDo area. LoDo is the center of all things Denver. It boasts an array of restaurants, clubs, shops, art galleries and boutiques.

Lodo, Denvers downtown neighborhood at night.
Lodo, Denver at Night

A majority of the buildings in LoDo were built in the 1860's and consist of red-brick that has been preserved in the historic state that characterizes the neighborhood. Most of these homes are the craftsman style bungalow, Denver square style or Victorian. In the 1920's, LoDo was known for the Market Street red light district, and in the 1970's as a warehouse center. Now, LoDo is reputed as the ideal hub for urban living in the region. The neighborhood of Highlands has undergone some drastic changes recently. Transforming from suspicious to stylish, this neighborhood on the up-and-up is made up of three diverse commercial districts and is Denver's largest neighborhood.

Highlands's residential district is very charming. It is a sought-after destination for young families and LoDo business professionals, due to its picturesque architecture and tight-knit community. Homes in Highlands are characterized by exposed brick walls, winding staircases and other Victorian-like architecture. Highlands has recently undergoing a housing revival with the construction of a number of new houses, condos and rentals in a variety of architectural styles.

Cherry Creek Denver Neighborhood
Cherry Creek, Denver CO at Night

Want something on the higher end? Then Cherry Creek might be the neighborhood for you. Cherry Creek is populated by some of Denver's most well-to-do citizens, and has the perfect balance of timeless architecture and modern comforts. This neighborhood has a very central location and is framed by Colorado Boulevard and University Avenue on the north and south, and 6th Avenue and Exposition on the east and west. The gated communities of Cherry Creek exude Victorian charm and houses in this neighborhood go for an average of $800,000, according to the 2000 U.S. Census.

If you are looking for something less pricey and outside of the city, there are the neighborhoods in Aurora. Situated just east of Denver, Aurora has become one of Denver's largest suburbs and a city in its own right. Ranked ninth on the list of 50 Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family, homes available in Aurora range from the cookie-cutter boxes built by the military when the town was first established to sprawling Spanish ranches. Aurora also features brand new chrome-and-glass condos, as well as student apartments to cater to the younger crowd.

Also outside of Denver is Parker. Located 20 miles southeast of Denver, Parker has become one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. with a 332 percent increase in population within the past decade. Due to this recent growth, Parker's real estate has also expanded becoming a modern town with up-to-date architecture and amenities. But while most of Parker is brand new, the town retains a feeling of a community embedded in tradition. No matter what kind of neighborhood you're looking for, the Denver area will have something to suit your fancy.

Moving to Parket, CO
Parker, Denver CO

It is always difficult relocating but with a vast variety of neighborhoods to live in, places to visit for sightseeing plus and a good climatic condition, you will certainly enjoy your stay in Denver.

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