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How To Properly List A Home For Sale

How to properly List a home

When it comes to listing a home for sale it seems like every agent has a different opinion of the best way to list a home. I have seen thousands of different listings from $20,000 condos to $50,000,000 estates. Even though the prices and the homes features are clearly two completely different products the way they are listed to potential buyers have many similarities. Getting a buyer excited and interested in a home is the first and most important step! If you can't get a buyer excited due to lack of good pictures or lack of marketing then chances are the home may sit or be looked over by buyers who may be interested in the property but they were unsure or didn't feel the value.

For example, if a buyer sees a listing online with just one picture of the outside a certain portion of the buyers will click to the next listing because there is so little information. Having complete and thorough information is vital. Addressing any obvious questions buyers may have is also key. Give buyers as much information as possible to make a decision.

The second thing I notice is pictures that are not professionally taken by a real estate photographer. Call me picky but even professional photos can be off and detract buyers if they aren't taken correctly. If a photographer isn't using a wide angle lens to capture the depth and dimension of rooms buyers will feel like the property is small and tight. Many rooms will be cut in half and won't fit in the full picture. Think of what someones mind does when they see pictures like that. It feels unattractive and un-inviting to buyers. I always use the best photographer in the area and I end up paying 2-3X what other agents do but my properties are consisntley ranked #1 out of similar listings on Zillow and Trulia. In addition I get the most saves out of similar listings online but most importantly I pack the home with interested buyers!

Not only do the pictures have to look amazing but the way the furniture and everything looks in a home is vital. Huge furniture and clutter filled homes don't make for great pictures. Always make sure the home is clutter free and remove unesccary furniture. There are profffesionals who can help out. Many times I will bring in a professional stager to consult with my property seller about how to make the home present better. Photos will always be taken after the staging is done and when the home is spotless clean.

As you can see everything starts with your online listing. My online listings start with 35-45 professional pictures of the exterior and interior. Depending on the price of the home and amenities many times drone footage and a cinematic video will be done. All of which are done by real photographers who specialize in making real estate look its absolute best. Pictures are the key buyers love visuals. For the property description I work 1 on 1 with a real estate copywriter who's job is just to talk about properties and make them sound as appealing as possible. I'm not a professional writer (clearly) so I hire someone who is to make the listing stand out. Once I have a marketing package that shows the home in its best possible light then I can go to work for my clients and get them the best price possible. It makes the deal easier in a lot of cases too. For instance just think of how much more value your property adds in a buyers mind when you have everything set up perfect. In many cases its hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for a single product. Why shouldn't it have amazing marketing? Here are two examples of my listings.

A few extra tips:

-Have a professional cleaning company come in and clean the home top to bottom. This usually runs $500-$1000 dollars but is well worth it!

-Have interior and exterior windows cleaned before pictures.

-Use an agent to sell your home who is a Zillow and Trulia premier agent they have access to special marketing features many agents don't have.

-Leave countertops free and clear of items.

-Organize pantries and other areas people may look in. Closets especially.

-Replace all burnt out light bulbs.

-Remove any religious or items that may give people prejudice when walking through your home. You want to set yourself up to be attractive to all buyers.

Sean P Gribbons is a Realtor serving buyers and sellers in the Denver metro area.

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